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LW Well Represented at WOSSAA XC

It was cold and windy yesterday, but that doesn't seem to phase cross country runners very often. Yesterday, I wore pants, a t-shirt, long sleeve, zip up hoodie and winter coat. The crew pictured above look ready for summer. XC athletes are tough. Wind, rain, cold temperatures, it doesn't matter, they run. And when a trip to OFSAA is on the line, they run fast. Many of our members were spread out at various championships last week, but they all came together at Springwater for the next step toward OFSAA.

Best of luck to the following athletes, who have qualified for OFSAA next week in Duntroon, ON, just outside of Collingwood...

Midget Boys

Evan Burke (South) - 5th

Jacob Kime (Central) - 13th (qualifies as 2nd member of winning team)

Junior Girls

Zoe Burke (South) - 2nd

Junior Boys

Tyrone Traher (South) - 6th

Senior Girls

Dana Earhart (LDSS) - 2nd

Martina Tait (St. Anne's) - 3rd

Emily Ashby (LDSS) - 10th (qualifies as 2nd member of winning team)

Senior Boys

Adam Tait (South) - 2nd

Brad Sheeler (HCC) - 4th

Justin Attfield (EESS) - 5th

Mitch Heyink (St. Annes) - 8th (unfortunately does not qualify, but great to be top 10)

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