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LW Athletes Excel in Local High School XC

The local high school season wound down on Thursday, October 26 at the WOSSAA cross country championships. From there the top two teams and 5 individuals will move on to OFSAA in Petawawa on November 4.

London Western athletes dominated at the TVRA championships with some 35 athletes qualifying for the WOSSAA meet. Top finishers in TVRA Tri County included: Clare Craig (Tillsonburg HS) 4th in midget girls, Kyleigh Stubbs (St. Joe’s) 2nd in senior girls, Caleb Canfield (Huron Park) 3rd in senior boys and Kyle Farquharson (Strathroy) as senior boys champion.

In the TVRA Central meet, top finishers included: Ian Young (Oakridge) 1st midget boys, Clarissa Sladek (Medway) 1st junior girls, Alicia Domingues (MTS) 2nd junior girls, Amera Pratt (Medway) 5th junior girls, Lyla Pratt (Medway) 7th junior girls and Freyja Moser (Beal) 9th junior girls. In junior boys Matt Lynk (Beal) was a top 10 finisher in 9th place. Among the senior girls Tori Bouck (Banting), Zoe Burke (South), Emma Young (Oakridge) and Allison Hansen (CCH) all finished in the top 10 with placings of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th respectively. On the boys side Evan Burke (South) was 1st, followed by Eric Gareau (Bruyere), Kyle Koyanagi (Laurier), Tyrone Traher (South), Levi Shimer-Whitehead (Central) and Chris Vitols all finishing top 10 with placings of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th respectively.

With OFSAA qualifying spots on the line, the racing was intense at WOSSAA. Top 20 finishers from our group included: Clare Craig (Tillsonburg) 11th MG, Ian Young (Oakridge) 1st MB, Clarissa Sladek (Medway) 2nd JG, Alicia Domingues (MTS) 3rd JG, Lyla Pratt (Medway) 6th JG, Amera Pratt (Medway) 9th JG, Freyja Moser (Beal) 10th JG, Matt Lynk (Beal) 13th JB, Zoe Burke (South) 2nd SG, Tori Bouck (Banting) 3rd SG, Allison Hansen (CCH) 4th SG, Hannah Tait (St. Anne’s) 5th SG, Emma Young (Oakridge) 7th SG, Kyleigh Stubbs (St. Joe’s) 13th SG, Evan Burke (South) 1st SB, Marcel Scheele (St. Mary’s) 3rd SB, Kyle Koyanagi (Laurier) 4th SB, Eric Gareau (Bruyere) 5th SB, Kyle Farquharson (Strathroy) 7th SB, Levi Shimer- Whitehead (Central) 9th SB, Chris Vitols (Central) 12th SB, Brady Esler (CCH) 17th SB, Juan Gomes (CCH) 19th SB, Jacob Kime (Central) 20th SB. In all via individual and teams, 15 runners from the xc group will move on to OFSAA.

Best of luck to those moving on! The next club meet is the AO championships in Bracebridge on Nov. 12.

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