June 4, 2019

Gold: 5
Silver: 7
Bronze: 10
Total Medals: 22
OFSAA Qualifiers: 26


Sam Morrow's season ended after West Regionals last year.  Having never done club track before, former member and now teacher/coach at MTS, Jen Barbon, introduced him to one of our throws coaches, Sylvia Kontra.  That laid down the groundwork for his rise this year.  In an event he didn't even do last year, he threw a 4m personal best in Discus to finish 4th and book his ticket to OFSAA.  He also took bronze in Shot Put with a 15.03m, a huge improvement from last year, having not made the Top 8.  One of many stories at an exciting OFSAA West Regionals this year.  Good luck to those that have moved on to OFSAA, starting on Thursday in Guelph.  To those not moving on, continue training hard and make it happen next year.  Use Sam as your motivation!

 Owen McDonald, Matt Veroude and Chris Caruso celebrating after senior boys pole vault. Photo cred: Karen McDonald


Jadyn Luna (Medway) 7th 80mh, 11th 300mh, 7th 200m
Daniela Beckett (Mother Teresa) 5th 80mh, 3rd Pole Vault
Lisa Caruso (Oakridge) 4 th Pole Vault, 2nd Long Jump
Maya Tesseyman (Saunders) 14 th Shot Put 
Amber Judge (MDHS) - 1st TJ, 2nd PV, 6 th LJ
Brianna Rand (Dorchester) - 1st 300mH, 13th TJ

Connor Maclean (MDHS) – 4 th 100mH, 1 st 300mH

Adebola Idowu (Bessette) 9th 100m
Faith Rose (CCH) 10th 200m, 6th 100m
Brooke Lawlor (Oakridge) 15th 1500m
Helene Bouffard (Saunders) 3 rd PV
Victoria Lamb (STA) 5th 3000m, 5th 2000mSC
Ashley Dunn (STA) 11 th 300mH

Rachel Johnson (STA) 12 th TJ
Tyler Larson (Banting) 11th SP, 4th DT
Liv Sands (Oakridge) 3rd SP
Amy Schmit (Medway) 8th DT, 3 rd JT

Ryan Abey (STA) 13 th 100m, 12 th 200m
Nolan Silvester (Oakridge) 12th 800m
Ian Young (Oakridge) 8th 3000m
Zach Haygarth (Oakridge) 15th 1500m
Jacob Austin (CCH) 7 th 100mH
Logan Gensens (Medway) 2nd TJ, 7 th PV, 14th LJ
Will Graham (Medway) 12th TJ, 8th LJ
Sam Morrow (MTS) 3rd SP, 4th DT


 Throwback to WOSSA with happy coach Frank Erle and horizontal jumps star, Chloe Knox.  She's been double-gold for LJ/TJ all year and did it again at Regionals.


Sabrena Small (Laurier) 5 th 100m, 3 rd 200m
Rachel Okeke (CCH) 13th 100m
Melanie McColl (MTS) 9th 100m
Clarissa Sladek (Medway) 6 th 1500m, 4 th 3000m
Emma Young (Oakridge) 7 th 3000m
Tori Bouck (Banting) 2nd 3000m
Emma Hendriksen (Holy Cross) 6th HJ, 6th 100mH, 6th LJ
Monica Grigore (Oakridge) 3rd PV
Megan Langhorn (Oakridge) 4th PV
Lauren Hurrell (Bessette) 2nd PV
Sarah Chevers (STA) 8th PV
Chloe Knox (Lucas) 1st LJ, 1st TJ
Holly Knox (Lucas) 15th LJ, 14th TJ
Miranda Cox (Lucas) 5th TJ
Lily Spoozak (CCH) 12th SP, 6th DT
Makayla Roy (Stratford NW) 2nd JT, 9th SP, 12th DT
Lucy Tesseyman (Banting) 11th DT


 Tommy Hong with an easy clearance in senior boys pole vault. Photo cred: Karen McDonald

Chris Caruso (Oakridge) 4th PV
Eric Hill (STA) 5 th 800m

Kyle Koyanagi (Laurier) 3 rd 800m, 4 th 1500m
Tyrone Traher (South) 8th 800m, 8 th 1500m
Owen Leatherdale (Laurier) 14th 800m
Eric Klassen (Banting) 4th 3000m, 5th 1500m
Aaron Canfield (Huron Park) 7th 1500m, 8th 3000m
Matthew Mason (Laurier) 5th 3000m
Justin Sanders (STA) 10th 3000m
Matt Veroude (Strathroy) 5th PV
Owen McDonald (Strathroy) 2nd PV
Ethan Cruz (STA) 3rd HJ
Tommy Hong (JPII) 7th PV
Mika Bosnjak (Oakridge) 9th LJ
Christian Panhuis (Banting) 4th SP, 5th DT
Ryan Garret (Holy Cross) 7th DT
Owen Mueller (STA) 3rd DT, 16th SP

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