The London Western Track and Field Club was established in 1970 by Bob Vigars with the

                            purpose of creating a training environment for his UWO athletes during the summer, and

                          secondarily, to attract top high school athletes who would then compete for UWO.  By 1975

                         the club was well established and since then, the club has consistently been a leading

                       organization in the sport of track and field, not only in Ontario, but across the country.  We

                      were the Top Overall Club (Indoors and Outdoors) in 2019, after claiming the outdoor title in

                    2016, and our Senior Men’s Cross Country team were the 2019 Canadian champions.


                 As a not-for-profit organization (Incorporated in 1975) and a full-service track and field

                club, we cater to all ages and abilities, including para-athletes, and across all event

              disciplines within the sport. Our Board of Directors ensures that club policies and

            procedures are carried out for the full benefit of all members.  As well, the employment of

           a manager keeps our club operations running smoothly.


        The club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020, and over the years, our accolades have

      come from our many Olympians, such as Sharon Lane (1980), Jeff Glass (1984),

     Sue Kameli (1984),Jason Tunks (1996, 2000, 2004), Jessica Zelinka (2008 and 2012),

   Lanni Marchant (2016), and Damian Warner (2012 and 2016—bronze medal), as well as

  Paralympian Kevin Strybosch (2016).  But the future depends on the success of our young

athletes and thus the focus is on the nurturing and development of these up-and-comers

as they aspire to follow in the footsteps of those before them.


The mission of the LWTFC is to attract, train, and develop athletes and coaches, who want

to reach their full potential.  Through excellent coaching, strong leadership, a fun training

environment, and a committed volunteer base our goal is to provide a sustainable club for

our members.  In doing so, we aim to build a future as bright as our first 50 years.



                                Our club provides training year-round.  Most of our athletes train a minimum of 3 days

                              per week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (not including JD), while our elites are                                     training up to 6 days per week. We are London's ONLY full-service track and field club,                                       meaning we have a full coaching staff to cater to all event disciplines within the sport.  

                         During the fall, our training groups are spread out in various parks to meet the needs of

                       each of those groups. In early November, we head indoors to train at Thompson Arena

                      (yes, there is a track around the rink).  After a brief break during the latter half of March, 

                    we head back outdoors to train at TD Stadium.  Outdoor season ends at the beginning of
                   August and this is where the majority of our club takes a break until September, and the

                 cycle continues.


              There are plenty of competitve opportunities available both indoors and outdoors - locally,

             regionally and nationally.