There are plenty of competitive opportunities

available throughout the year, both indoors

and outdoors. Below is a list of meets that

the club tends to compete at, but there may

be other meets that your coach wants you

to compete in. Please communicate with

your coach for other potential meets.

Dates and locations of meets can be

found in our app, or on the Athletics

Ontario website.

Dates and locations of most of these meets change. Most meets are on

a weekend. Some are 1 day; others are 2+. Additional competitive opportunities may be available. Consult with your coach.


Bob Vigars Classic (Host club)

John Allan Meet Series (Host club)

AO U20/Open Provincials         

London Distance Series             

AO U14/U16/U18 Provincials          

Legion District A Meet                 

U20/Open National Championships          

Legion National Championships                




Meet entry is the responsibility of the athlete, with the exception of these specific meets (Don Wright Team Challenge/Mustang All-comers, Bob Vigars Classic and all SWO Field Series meets). The club will cover the entry fee for these meets, as well as any relay entries at provincial and/or national championships.


With regards to travel, the club helps organize accommodation and transportation for all athletes attending Legion National Championships, but it is still the athletes’ financial responsibility. U20/Open Nationals travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the athlete, due to many athletes having their own plan. However, we do block off hotel rooms for members to book, so we can all stay together. Local and regional meets are the responsibility of the parents and we strongly encourage car-pooling. This includes meets as far as Toronto, Niagara and Windsor.


That said, we never want lack of travel options to get in the way of a member competing, so reach out to your coach or the club, if a ride is needed. For AO Provincial Championships, the location will determine whether the club will make travel arrangements. For example, should AO’s be held in Ottawa, the club would consider arranging group travel and accommodations.


Traveling together is a great time to bond with your fellow club members, and feel more like a team. Ask any athlete that’s been on a group trip and they’ll tell you they enjoyed it. Traveling with the club is not mandatory, but encouraged when available. Coaches travel and accommodation is always covered by the club and when coaches are staying overnight, hotel info will be made aware to parents, should they wish to stay at the same hotel.