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London Western Track & Field Club

2024 Board of Directors

The London Western Track & Field Club was incorporated in 1975 and a Board of Directors was established in order to conduct and maintain the operations of the club for the benefit of its members.


As a not-for-profit organization, Board members serve in a volunteer capacity. The Board consists of twelve directors, who during their term of office are members of the club unless otherwise appointed by the Board of Directors.


Eight to ten directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting, with three directors being appointed.


The Board of Directors meets five times through the year, in addition to the AGM.


President                          Kathy Roberts                  


Vice-President                 John Stevenson


Secretary                          Elysa Mascotto


Treasurer                         Donna Tomicevic


Coach Rep.*                      Doug Devine

Athlete Rep.*                    Mila Suvajac

Parent Rep.                       Alisa Murphy-Smith                 


Western                             Guy Schultz

University Rep.*                            


Members-at-Large          Vickie Croley

                                            Jeremy Hick

                                           Scott McIntyre

                                           Paul Roberts                               



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