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Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald was hired as the London Western TFC manager and began

his duties on August 1, 2020.  He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge

to the position, having spent 12 years in various posts at Athletics Canada (AC)

before serving as the General Manager of the Speed River TFC and the

University of Guelph Gryphons.

While with AC, Scott fulfilled the duties of Technical Manager and/or

Team Leader of a long list of international competitions including the

Olympic Games (2008 and 2012), the Commonwealth Games, and 7 IAAF World Athletics Championships. He is also highly skilled as a meet director having been at the helm of several National Championships and OFSAA 2019.

A “sub-4 minute miler”, Scott has an illustrious athletic career of his own as a 6-time National Team Member and 5-time NCAA All-American competing for the University of Michigan Wolverines.

“I am excited to bring my experience to the London Western family. Having seen the sport operate at all levels, from introductory kid’s programs to the Olympic Games, I believe I bring a unique perspective and understanding of the complete long-term development pathway. My approach is to bring the entire community together for the betterment of the sport. If we can all be pulling in the same direction, we will get more done and push London to the forefront as a leader in the sport of track and field in Canada.

It is important to connect with school coaches, get as many kids as possible to give it a try, but also support a ‘sampling’ period where youngsters can try different events and even different sports. If we begin with the goal of developing well-rounded athletes and people, their talents will shine through. Through the recruitment of more coaches, we will have the capacity to expand our programs. We will work on seamless transitions through the different developmental stages, allowing athletes to express themselves on the track and in the field in a fun, but competitive, challenging, and professional environment.

When the time comes to compete provincially, nationally, and internationally, we will provide athletes with a coaching and support staff that understands what it takes to compete at each level. Success begins with a high-performance culture throughout – not necessarily high intensity, but rather understanding the needs of athletes through every stage of their athletic careers and creating an ideal environment to meet those needs.

I look forward to facilitating that journey for current and future athletes in the community.” SM

Scott can be reached at .

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