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Off to a Great Start!

With the first AO Outdoor Championship complete, the LWTFC is off to a great start for the season.

Our Combined Events group competed at the U16/U18/U20/Open AO CE Championships on June 24-25, 2023, bringing home 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 4 Bronze medals, along with several point scoring finishing places. Full results can be found at .

The following is a summary of the meet results. Congratulations to all athletes and coaches for your hard work and impressive achievements!

U16 Men Pentathlon U16 Women Pentathlon

1st Sam McClelland 2850 pts 1st Isabella Mills 2757 pts

3rd Clare Caponcini 1827 pts

U18 Men Decathlon U18 Women Heptathlon

1st Jackson McKay 6041 pts 3rd Sarah McKie 3294 pts

3rd Evan Stevens 4506 pts

4th Daniel Gaede 3897 pts

5th John Gallo 3501 pts

U20 Men Decathlon U20 Women Heptathlon

8th Jack Gilbert 4289 pts 2nd Jadyn Luna 4240 pts

3rd Raeden Black 3706 pts

5th Anna Jackman 3594 pts

Open Men Decathlon Open Women Heptathlon

4th Chris Caruso 5009 pts 2nd Robin Selkirk 4829 pts

4th Emma Hendrikson 4417 pts


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