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Monthly Roundup

OFSAA Update:

After a very successful OFSAA West meet in Cambridge this past week London Western will be well represented at OFSAA June 2-4th in Windsor with a total of 22 athletes.

Our only midget girl, Ireland Crowther will be competing in the 80mH & 300mH after winning the 80mH in 11.87s and finishing 4th in the 300mH with a time of 47.52s.

Adele St. John will be heading to OFSAA as the new OFSAA West shot put record holder, as she won junior girls shot put and javelin with throws of 13.45m and 34.06m. Christy Rizzo will join Adele as our only other junior girl in pole vault after earning silver with a jump of 2.90m.

On the track for senior girls Tiffany Hannam will be moving on in the 100m, the 100mh and the 200m with times of 12.20s, 14.06s, and 24.88s finishing 3rd, 2nd, and 2nd respectively. Joining her will be Dana Earhart and Martina Tait in the 800m after placing 2nd and 4th with times of 2:17.15s and 2:17.56s. Dana also placed 4th in the 1500m with a time of 4:45.85 and she was also a member of OFSAA West record setting 4x400 team along with Megan and Katie Beaudry and Megan Dunn with a time of 3:53.30.

In the field six senior girls will be competing at OFSAA. Emily Sluys will be competing in the long jump and triple jump after placing 2nd and 4th with jumps of 5.54m and 11.21m and Katie Beaudry will continue on after jumping 1.65m in high jump to earn silver. Additionally Rachel Campbell and Rebecca Chouinard placed 3rd and 4th in discus with throws of 38.23m and 35.83m. Lynton Lam earned Silver in pole vault with a jump of 3.10m and Christina Hertner threw 11.61m in shot put to earn bronze.

Madison Wilson-Walker broke two OFSAA West records in both the 100m and 800m ambulatory runs. She ran times of 14.57s and 3:04.47s.

In the junior boys events Adrian Livingston advances in the 100m and 200m with times of 11.09m and 23.06m finishing 2nd in both events. Ryland Williamson finished 2nd in the 400m with a time of 52.07s. Matt McNeill earned gold in triple jump and silver in 300mH with results of 13.81m and 40.29s. In the distance events Tyrone Traher advances in the 800m and 1500m with 4th and 3rd place finishes in 2:01.32s and 4:15.66s.

Adam Tait will compete in the senior boys 3000m with a third place finish in a time of 8:43.25. Both Mark Bujnowski and Henry Easton have moved on the senior boy’s shot put finishing 1st and 2nd with throws of 17.64m and 17.10m. Mark won gold in discus as well with a throw of 57.16m.

London Western Elite:

Damian Warner finished the month by setting his second decathlon world best. This time in the 100m dash with a time of 10.15s. This result came on route to a gold medal in his first decathlon of 2016 at the 42nd Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis Austria as part of the IAAF World Combined Events Challenge on May 28th and 29th. He also threw a personal best in shot put with a throw of 14.64m. Earlier in the month while competing in Atlanta, Georgia he had a breakthrough in Long Jump where for the first time he broke the 8m barrier with a jump of 8.04m.

Two of London Western’s Para-athletes travelled to Rio during May. Cody Solomans and Kevin Strybosch made the trip for a pre-paralympic test competition put on by the International Paralympic Committee. The competition had athletes from over 25 countries and was used to smooth out any potential problems there may be during the Paralympic competition in September. Cody is a T44 athlete which is a classification for any athlete with a single below knee amputation. Cody Flew to Rio on May 15th and competed in both the 200m and high jump. He finished 6th in the 200m with a time of 26.20s and 3rd in High Jump with a jump of 1.77m. Overall he said it was a good experience and he always enjoys seeing different cultures when he is off competing. Kevin travelled with Coach John Allen for a very short trip, only being in Rio for a few days. Kevin is a F37 athlete which is a classification for athletes with spasticity in an arm and leg on the same side of the body. He finished third in the discus throw and Coach Allen said that it was a good result considering the conditions. Kevin warmed up in the pouring rain and then had to wait over an hour before competing.

Following the end of school at Western, Robin Bone has been training out of Phoenix, Arizona at Altis, formerly known as World Athletics Center, under the direction of Dan Pfaff and pole vault coach Greg Hull. During her time spent here, she has been immersed into an elite athlete training environment that has allowed her to make several exponential changes to the technical side of her vault. While making these changes she has been fortunate to compete and train with world class athletes from all around the world creating an incredibly positive training atmosphere. With consistently warm weather and outdoor facilities, she has been able to train more consistently than in the past years. She says she is look forward to bringing what she has learned here at Altis back to London.

London Western hosted two meets during the May 14th-15th weekend. Both the High Performance Sprint Meet and the Bob Vigars Classic ran smoothly despite the very cold weather which included what will hopefully be the last snowfall of the spring.

Best of luck in June!

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