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2016 OFSAA Track and Field Championships

By The Numbers:

28 athletes from our club, representing ALL event disciplines. Sprints, jumps, throws, endurance and pole vault were all contested by our club athletes. A true testament to the strength of London Western.

7 Gold Medals

4 Silver Medals

5 Bronze Medals

1 OFSAA Record

Here's a detailed recap of the weekend...


Girls: Ireland Crowther finishes 5th and 6th in the 80mH and 300mh with times of 12.25s and 46.29s.

In pole vault, Lauren Hurrell earns bronze with a jump of 2.80m.


Boys: In the 400m race Ryland Williamson finished 9th with a run of 51.71s, he was just 0.15s shy of making the finals. Tyrone Traher finished 11th in the 1500m with a time of 4:14.12 and he also finished 10th in the 800m. Adam Livingston finished 5th in the 100m in 11.47s

Matt McNeill takes bronze in triple jump with a jump of 13.20m. Matt also earned silver in the 300mH running 39.10s and breaking 40 second barrier for the first time. Cooper Murphy takes bronze in pole vault.

Girls: Adele St. John was a double silver medalist in discus and shot put. She had throws of 34.09m and 13.47m. Chloe Knox jumped 4.81m in long jump to finish 13th place. Christy Rizzo won gold in pole vault with a 3.15m jump. Natasha Gubbels was 5th in shot put, with a throw of 11.96m.


Boys: Adam Tait finished 14th in the 3000m in 8:57.14. Scott Billings finished 7th in triple jump with a jump of 14.07m. Mark Bujnowski won gold in discus and shot put with throws of 54.35m & 17.68m, Henry Easton also came third in shot put with a throw of 16.53m

Girls: Tiffany Hannam finishes 4th, 5th, and 5th, in the 100mh, 100m, and 200m with times of 14.41s, 12.17s, and 24.77s. The women’s 4x400 team consisting of Megan Dunn, Dana Earhart, Megan and Katie Beaudry won gold with a time of 3:53.53. Madison Wilson Walker won both the 100m and 800m ambulatory runs and set a new OFSAA record with her 800m time of 2:57.98. She becomes the first athlete to break 3 minutes. Martina Tait and Dana Earhart finish 16th and 17th in the 800m. Katie Beaudry won gold in the SG high jump with a jump of 1.70m. With a jump of 10.67m Emily Sluys finished 13th in triple jump and also finished 4th in long jump with a 5.47m jump. Rachel Campbell and Rebecca Chouinard finished 5th and 13th in discus throw. Morgan Desjardins won bronze in shot put with a throw of 12.46m and Christina Hertner finished 5th in 11.86m. Lynton Lam takes silver in pole vault with a jump of 3.55m and Amelia Waud finished 15th in 3.00m.

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