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Monthly Roundup


At the very beginning of the month OFSAA championships took place in Windsor and London Western was very well represented winning 7 Gold medals, 4 Silvers, 5 Bronzes and breaking 1 OFSAA record. Over the three day competition 28 London Western athletes competed and were spread out over all event disciplines. More details can be found in the OFSAA article.

Photo credit: Shuttered Moments Taylor Stewart playing in the sand during the CE National Championships in Ottawa.

National Combined Events Championships:

At the National Combined Events Championships in Ottawa both Taylor Stewart and Locky Butcher competed in their first ever decathlon! Taylor finished in 3rd place with a score of 7219 points and Locky finished 11th with 5683 points. Sam Fennell competed in his second decathlon in the junior category and finished in 4th place with a score of 5607 points. Sara Villani was our lone female to compete in the women’s heptathlon and finished in 9th with 4673 points.

AO Senior Championships:

A large number of London Western athletes competed at the AO Senior Championships which were held at York University on June 11th and 12th. The conditions were less than ideal with high winds throughout the competition.

Women: Jen Cotten earned silver in the 400mH with a time of 57.93s. Joy Spear Chief-Morris earned bronze in the 100m with a time of 11.52s and also ran the 100mH in 14.00s for 7th place. Sabrina Abran finished 11th in the JG 100m with a run of 13.28s. Becky Pieterson finished 6th in the 1500m in 4:33.03 and Hilary Stone finished in 5:10.03. Megan Beaudry ran 25.76s for 7th place in the JG 200m. Ireland Crowther earned bronze in the MG 200mH in 29.63s and Katie Beaudry earned gold in YG 300mH with a time of 44.11s.

Caroline Ehrhardt won Gold in Triple jump with a jump of 13.10m. Dara Karakolis threw 32.82m to finished third in JG javelin throw. In women’s high jump Zarria Storm earned silver with a jump of 1.73m, which ties her PB. Emilia Grala and Reena Francis both jumped 1.55m. Sara Villani jumped 5.53m to finish 5th in Long Jump. Brooke Hoxar finished 4th in shot put with a throw of 13.24m. Sabrina Abran jumped 4.85m to finish 5th in YG long jump. Christy Rizzo jumped 2.60m in YG pole vault to finish 5th.

Men: Keagan Croley earned silver in the 400mH with a time of 59.13s. Aaron Bowman ran 10.60s in the 100m final to finish 7th place and also finished 6th in the 200m with a time of 21.87m. Jack Sheffar finished 7th in the 1500m and 6th in the 5000m with times of 3:58.33 and 15:24.04. Also in the 1500 Adam Tait ran 4:04.28 and Hunter Andrin finished in 4:06.78. Hunter also ran 1:54.59s in the 800m. Jeremy Hick finished 5th in the 3000m steeplechase with a time of 10:03.55s and 10th in the 5000m in 15:59.33. Locky Butcher finished 5th in 110mH with a time of 15.11s. Tyrell Mairs-Onwumere earned gold in 14.52s for the YB 110mH.

Mackenzie Josie finished 3rd in discus with a throw of 44.51m and 5th in shot put. Also in shot put Tim Hendry-Gallagher earned gold throwing 17.84m and Andrew Martin finished 4th with throws of 14.44m. Payam Saboni and Joseph Bell competed in Triple jump and had jumps of 13.85m and 12.40m respectively. Joseph also jumped 5.85m in Long Jump. Aleks Rapp and Stuart Cameron finished 1st and 2nd in JB shot put with throws of 15.68m & 15.28m. Aleks also threw 50.75m to earn silver in JB hammer throw.

AO Junior Championships:

On top of many fantastic performances at the Senior Championships at York, many of our younger athletes competed at the Junior Championships in Toronto.

Women: Ireland Crowther earned bronze in the MG pentathlon with 2556 points and Megan Dunn won the YG heptathlon with 4693 points. Destiny Vandenberg finished 8th in the open 100mh in 15.39s. Martina Tait ran 4:56.47 in the JG 1500m.

Christina Hertner and Rebecca Chouinard finished 6th and 7th in JG shot put with 11.34m and 11.16m throws. Christina and Rebecca also placed 3rd and 5th in JG Discus. Rebecca, along with Alyson Kearnan-Leitch threw 49.49m and 28.76m in the JG hammer throw to finish 3rd and 9th. In open shot put Brooke Hoxar threw 13.97m. Reena Francis jumped 1.60m in JG high jump to finish 4th. Sabrina Abran jumped 4.98m in JG Long jump to finish 8th. Lynton Lam finished 3nd in JG pole vault with a 3.60m jump, Reena Francis jumped 3.40m for 3rd and Vanessa Gunnell finished 8th with a jump of 2.60m. Caroline Ehrhardt jumped a new PB of 13.29m to win the open triple jump. Dara Karakolis threw 34.68m in JG Javelin Throw. Brooke Hoxar threw 39.48m for 3rd in open discus.

Men: Caelan Brosnan earned silver in the MB pentathlon with 2577 points. Joshua Mather, Austin McLeod, and Calum Doherty finished 1st, 3rd, and 4th in the YB decathlon with 5406, 5296, and 4660 points respectively.

Tyrell Mairs-Onwumere earned gold in the open 110mh with a time of 14.57s. Adam Nalywaiko finished 5th in the JB 100m with a time of 10.87m. Mitch Heyink ran 2:05.75 in the JB 800m. Eagan Croley ran 58.24s in the 400mH for 9th place.

Aleks Rapp and Henry Easton finished 4th and 5th in JB hammer throw with 43.64m and 41.61m throws. London Western athletes finished 1st through 4th in JB Shot Put with Mark Bujnowski, Aleks Rapp, Cameron Stuart, and Henry Easton throwing 16.84m, 16.26m, 16.12m, & 15.67m respectively. Mark and Cameron also competed in JB Discus, finishing 1st and 3rd with throws of 49.59m and 42.18m. Tim Hendry-Gallagher and Andrew Martin competed in the open shot put finishing 1st and 3rd with throws of 18.40 and 13.79m. Luke Smith Jumped 1.65m to finish 5th in JB high jump. Kevin Strybosch threw 43.73m in the open discus to finish 3rd. Lee Kucera threw 53.61m for 3rd in JB javelin. Brett Page and Sam Knechtel finished 3rd and 4th in JB pole vault with 4.25m and 3.65m jumps. Payam Saboni jumped 14.21m in open triple jump for 3rd place.

Legion District A and Provincial Qualifiers:

London Western had 10 athletes qualify for Provincials at the Legion District A meet this past month. The Athletes qualified in a wide range of different events and are as followed:

Tia Christensen (Midget HJ), Emily Sluys (Youth LJ), Adele St. John (Youth Shot Put), Rachel Campbell (Youth Discus, Shot Put), Matthew MacNeil (Youth LJ, TJ), Anthony Atkinson (Youth SP, Disc, Hammer), Matthew Ballantyne (Midget HJ), Josh Mather (Octathalon), Caelen Brosnan (Midget Pentathlon), Natasha Gubbels (Youth Discus and Shot Put)

Photo Credit: Andy White. Joy Spear Chief-Morris gets set in blocks for the 100m at Harry Jerome in Burnaby, BC

Other Club News:

Joy Spear Chief-Morris has been travelling around Canada competing in NTL meets this past month. She competed at the Harry Jerome Track Classic in Burnaby BC, the Victoria International Track Classic, and the Aileen Meagher International Track Classic in Halifax. During the trip, she ran a new PB in the 100H of 13.85s. Jen Cotten ran a new PB in the 400mH at the Ottawa High Performance Meet on June 18th. Her time of 56.84s is just 0.6s off of the Canadian Olympic Standard. Kevin Strybosch scored 900 points in para discus which puts him in a good position to be named to the Canadian Para-Olympic team according to coach John Allen.

Madison Wilson-Walker achieved the A qualification standard for the Para-Olympics at the AO Prep Meet #1 after running 14.19s in the 100m. She also achieved a new personal best in the 200m at the Speed River Inferno meet with a time of 29.86s.

Junior and Senior National Championships are this weekend, as well as Legion Provincials. Stay up to date with results by following us on our social media platforms.

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