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Monthly Roundup

Photo: Liz House. Caelan Brosnan and Ireland Crowther were great at Legion Nationals!

Canadian Olympic Trials:

At the beginning of the month many London Western athletes and coaches headed to Edmonton to compete in the Canadian Olympic Trials and Junior Championships at Foote Field.


Morgan Desjardins earned 5th in Women’s Discus with a throw of 37.50m and Christina Hertner finished 10th with 34.05m. Christina, Morgan, and Rebecca Chouinard finished 4th, 7th and 9th in Shot put with throws of 11.88m, 11.40m, and 10.12m. Rebecca also finished 10th in Hammer throw with a throw of 44.15m. Mark Bujnowski and Stuart Cameron earned silver and bronze in Discus and Shot put with throws of 49.45m and 47.46m in discus and 16.57m and 15.95m in shot put. In shot put, Henry Easton and Aleks Rapp finished 4th and 5th with throws of 15.94m and 15.60m. Aleks also earned bronze in Hammer throw with 54.78m. Keagan Croley finished 7th in 400mH with a time of 56.50s. Reena Francis finished 7th in High Jump with a jump of 1.60m and 4th in Pole Vault with 3.45m. Lynton Lam came 7th in Pole Vault. Lee Kucera earned silver in men’s Javelin with a throw of 57.25m.


Lanni Marchant finished 6th in the 5000m with a time of 16:40.14 and on the mens side Jack Sheffar ran 15:01.67 for 18th. Brooke Hoxar finished 9th in Women’s Discus with a throw of 32.26m and 7th in Shot Put with 14.32m. Jen Cotten finished 5th in the 400mH with a time of 57.30s. She managed to advance to the finals despite falling during her prelim race. Caroline Ehrhardt earned gold in Women’s Triple jump after jumping 12.97m. Damian Warner finished 2nd in Long jump with a jump of 7.57m. Tim Hendry-Gallagher earned silver in Men’s Shot put with a throw of 18.43m. Joy Spear Chief-Morris ran both the 100m and the 100m Hurdles and posted times of 11.63s and 14.25s finishing in 10th and 13th place. Aaron Bowman ran the 100m and 200m with times of 10.58s and 21.92s finishing 17th and 16th.


Kevin Strybosch earned gold in Discus throwing 45.72m. Ken Trudgeon also competed in discus, throwing 31.30m for 5th place. Ken also won gold in Shot Put with a throw of 13.85m. Madison Wilson-Walker earned silver in the 400m running 1:10.09 and Bronze in Long Jump after jumping 4.05m. She also earned bronze in the 200m with a time of 29.53s.

BMY Championships:

From the 22nd to the 24th many London Western Athletes competed in the BMY championships in Windsor.

Martina Tait finished 4th in the Youth Girls 1500m with a time of 4:47.09s. Ireland Crowther finished 4th in the Girls 80mH after running 12.49s and 4th in Triple Jump with 10.33m. Cody Solomons finished 3rd in the Para 100m with a time of 12.74s and also won the Para Long Jump after jumping 6.10m. Megan Dunn earned bronze in Youth Girls 400m after running 57.84s and also finished 4th in Javelin and 7th in the 200m. Matt MacNeill earned silver in Youth Boys Long Jump after jumping 6.88m, Calum Doherty finished 13th with a jump of 5.63m. Matt also finished 2nd in Youth Boys 400mH with a time of 56.60s and 1st in Triple Jump. Calum finished 6th in HJ with a jump of 1.85m. In Midget Boys Long Jump Caelan Brosnan earned gold with a jump of 6.8m. Caelan also finished 3rd in Midget Boys HJ. In Youth Boys Javelin Josh Mather threw 54.78m for 3rd place. Christy Rizzo jumped 2.85m for 4th in Youth Pole Vault while Vanessa Gunnell and Kiara Desender jumped 2.50m and 2.30m for 7th and 8th place. Tia Christensen jumped 1.50m in Midget HJ for bronze. Rachel Campbell and Hunter Smith finished 5th in 6th in Youth Discus with throws of 32.81m and 31.98m. Rachel also threw 12.59m in Youth Shot put and Natasha Gubbels threw 12.59m for 4th and 3rd place. Jadyn Luna and Allison Terrio finished 6th and 10th in Bantam Girls LJ with jumps of 3.86m and 3.23m. With a throw of 43.88m Anthony Atkinson finished 5th in Youth Boys Discus throw and 3rd in Hammer throw with 47.88m. He also finished 3rd in Shot Put with a throw of 15.15m. Kristopher Kearnan-Leitch was 7th in Youth Boys Hammer and Discus with throws of 34.56m and 35.84m, respectively. In Bantam Boys HJ Tristan Rycombel and Ben Langstaff finished tied for second with jumps of 1.40m. Emily Sluys, Laura McGregor and Jamie Eckert finished 5th, 9th and 11th in Youth Girls LJ with jumps of 5.21m, 4.77m and 4.48m. Emily and Jamie also competed in High Jump finishing 7th and 5th with Olivia Walker and Mia Van Oirschot placing 4th and 9th. Laura Kelly and Megan Tramble finished 1st and 2nd in Midget Javelin with 33.88m and 24.83m. Sara Villani and Louise Bunce finished 1st and 2nd in the Senior Women’s Heptathlon with scores of 4848 and 3635.

Photo: Howard Adams. Alysha Newman at Vault Vic Park

Vault Vic Park:

The Inaugural competition took place on Thursday July 28th at Victoria Park in downtown London. Although there was some rain delays, the competition was fantastic and a new Canadian record was set as Alysha Newman jumped 4.61m to break her previously set record.

Photo: Liz House. Austin McLeod, Megan Dunn and Josh Mather are all smiles after finishing the gruelling Decathlon and Heptathlon at Legion Nationals. Mather took silver.

Legion National Championship:

Legion Nationals took place in Sainte-Therese, Quebec on August 5th to 7th with many of our athletes competing for the last time this summer. Alison Stephens earned London Western’s first medal of the weekend, taking bronze in MG Discus with a throw of 31.22m. She also finished 8th in Shot Put with a 9.72m throw. Christy Rizzo finishes 7th in YG Pole Vault with a clearance of 3.00m. Kristopher Kearnan-Leitch threw 32.88m in YB Discus for 18th and on the girls side of youth discus, Rachel Campbell and Adele St. John came 5th and 12th with throws of 34.48m and 29.51m. Adele also finished 5th in Shot Put with a 13.03m throw. Rachel Campbell and Natasha Gubbels also competed in Shot Put finishing 10th and 12th with throws of 11.43m and 11.05m. In YG Javelin Mackenzie Oke finished 14th with a 31.69m throw. Jamie Eckert finished 11th in YG high jump with a 1.55m jump. In YB Shot Put Anthony Atkinson came 6th with a throw of 15.26m. Matt MacNeill took home a silver medal in YB Long Jump with a 6.87m jump. He also finished 3rd in Triple jump and 7th in the 400mH. Josh Mather earned silver in the YB Decathlon with 5544 Points, setting a new youth record for London Western and Austin McLeod finished 5th with 5318 points. Megan Dunn finished 5th in the YG Decathlon with 4526 points. Caelan Brosnan earned a bronze medal in the MB Pentathlon with 2880 points and Ireland Crowther finished 5th in the Women’s Pentathlon with 2702 points.

U22 Eastern Espoir Championships:

In Moncton, NB Sara Villani earned gold in the Women’s Heptathlon with 4737 points. Locky Butcher competed in the Men’s 110mH finishing 3rd with a time of 15.81s with a -5.1m/s headwind. Ken Trudgeon was the sole competitor in AMB Shot Put and Discus with throws of 12.54m and 34.52m, respectively. Andrew Martin won Shot Put with 14.96m, Mackenzie Josie won Discus and was 2nd in Shot Put with throws of 45.66m and 14.28m, respectively. Lee Kucera won Javelin with a throw of 55.75m, and Morgan Desjardins was 4th in Shot Put and Discus with throws of 11.92m and 39.17m, respectively. This was an event related to next summer's 2017 Canada Summer Games. These athletes are on a path to making Team Ontario next summer.

That concludes the 2016 track and field season, of course with the exception of The Olympics and Paralymipcs, in which London Western has 3 representatives in Damian Warner, Lanni Marchant and Kevin Strybosch. Lanni is up first in the 10000m tomorrow morning.

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