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LW Shines at Windy WOSSA

Athletes at WOSSA had to endure a wide range of weather patterns over the 2 days last week. Day 1 saw 30 degrees and sunshine, combined with gale-force winds all day long. It was a challenging environment to compete in. Day 2 saw relief from the heat, but perhaps too much, as the temperature dropped to singlet digits for a good part of the day, but less wind. The joys of spring track and field in Canada. The weather couldn't hold back our athletes, as they continue to be a force to reckon with on the road to OFSAA.

(Megan Dunn of Dorchester on her way to a silver medal in Senior Girls 100mH) Photo by: Howard Adams

By the numbers...

Gold - 21

Silver - 21

Bronze - 23

Top 6 - 114

Top 10 - 207



Owen McDonald (Strathroy) – 1st 400m with 53.73, 1st 100m H with 14.84, 1st Pole Vault with 3.10m

Jackson Lippert (CCH) – 5th 100m, 9th 200m


Leah Kitching (Lucas) – 10th Long Jump

Monica Grigore (Oakridge) – 1st Pole Vault with 2.80m, 6th 80mH

Megan Langhorn (Oakridge) – 3rd Pole Vault with 2.40m, 8th Triple Jump

Kaitlyn Allen (Medway) – 5th 100m, 6th 200m

Amera Pratt (Saunders) – 4th 1500m, 5th 800m, 6th 3000m

Lyla Pratt (Saunders) – 6th 1500m, 7th 800m, 10th 3000m

Emily Patterson (Dorchester) – 10th 300mH

Holly Knox (Lucas) – 7th in TJ

Kyly Koyanagi set a new WOSSA record int he Junior Boys 800m.

(Laurier's Kyle Koyanagi set a new WOSSA record in the Junior Boys 800m of 1:58.75) Photo by Howard Adams



Grant Luke (Central) - 3rd in 200m with 23.61s, 2nd in 400m with 51.99s

Kyle Koyanagi (Laurier) – 2nd 1500m with 4:10.85, 1st 800m with 1:58.75

Evan Burke (South) – 3rd in 1500m with 4:13.60, 2nd 3000m with 8:43.16

Jacob Larsen (STA) – 2nd 100mH with 16.00, 5th 300m

Jacob Kime (Central) – 9th 3000m, 10th 1500m

Christian Panhuis (Banting) – 5th Shot Put, 1st Discus with 47.33m

Matthew Ballantyne (Saunders) – 2nd 100mH with 15.78, 3rd 300mH with 44.32, 2nd High Jump with 1.74m

Arjun Khanna (Oakridge) – 2nd 100m with 12.37, 4th 200m with 24.38

Matthew Greidanus (Westminister) – 3rd Javelin with 46.52m

(Calum Doherty of Lucas took bronze with a pb jump of 1.92m) Photo by: Howard Adams


Sabrina Gigante (St. Andre Bessette) – 3rd 80mH with 13.29, 1st 300mH with 47.60

Ireland Crowther (Beal) – 2nd 80mH with 12.64, 10th Long Jump, 6th 300mH

Miranda Cox (Lucas) – 4th Long Jump, 2nd Triple Jump with 10.58m

Colette Black (MTS) – 5th Pole Vault, 10th 200m

Sarah Chevers (STA) – 4th Pole Vault, 9th 80mH, 10th 300mH

Lauren Hurrell (SAB) – 1st Pole Vault with 3.15m

Breanna Roberts (Lucas) – 6th 200m, 7th 100m

Megan McCurdy (STA) – 8th 80mH, 3rd Shot Put with 11.03

Sophie Kostakos (Oakridge) – 3rd Long Jump with 4.91m

Sabrena Small (Laurier) – 1st 200m with 25.90

Laura Kelley (Saunders) – 6th Javelin

Alyssa Girardin (Strathroy) – 7th 800m

Emily Guzzo (STA) – 1st Javelin with 33.92m

Megan Tramble (MTS) – 5th Javelin

Matina Kyrou (Medway) – 9th Javelin



Josh Mather (Strathroy) – 5th Discus, 2nd Javelin with 50.09m, 5th Shot Put

Tyrell Mairs (Beal) – 4th 110mH

Ryland Williamson (CCH) – 3rd 400m with 51.75, 8th 200m

Jonah Zimmer (CCH) – 3rd 100m with 11.80, 3rd 200m with 22.94

Calum Doherty (Lucas) – 3rd High Jump 1.92m, 3rd Pole Vault with 3.20m

Matthew Veroude (Strathroy) – 6th Pole Vault, 9th 400mH

Jared Wiles (STA) – 7th 400mH

Austin McLeod (Saunders) – 4th Pole Vault, 2nd Long Jump with 6.75, 6th 400m

Cole Barnes (St. Josephs) – 2nd 100m with 11.66, 1st 200m with 22.50

Matt MacNeill (Lucas) – 3rd 110mH with 14.70, 1st 400m with 56.36, 1st Long Jump with 6.78m

David Alvarez (CCH) – 8th 400m

Zachary Earhart (Lord Dorchester) – 4th 400m

Terel Scott (Westminster) – 10th Javelin

Adrian Livingston (Bruyere) – 1st 100m with 11.59, 4th 200m

Adam Nalywaiko (MTS) – 4th 100m

Jamal Williams (Beal) – 10th High Jump

Tyrone Traher (South) – 2nd 1500m with 4:15.11, 4th 800m

Brad Sheeler (Holy Cross) – 2nd 2000m Steeplechase with 6:17.40, 2nd 3000m with 9:0800

Mark Bujnowski (Holy Cross) – 1st Discus with 53.86m, 1st Shot Put with 18.56m

Adam Kohlsmith (Strathroy) – 2nd Shot Put with 15.85m

Drew Horner (SHDHS) – 6th 1500m, 8th 3000m

(Brad Sheeler of Holy Cross was silver in the Open Boys 2000mSC) Photo by: Howard Adams


Zoe Burke (South) – 4th 1500m, 1st 3000m with 10:31.07

Kyleigh Stubbs (St. Josephs) – 6th 1500m, 8th 800m

Bailey Milos (Strathroy) – 5th 3000m, 9th 1500m Steeplechase

Chloe Knox (Lucas) – 3rd Triple Jump with 10.91m, 6th 400mH, 8th Long Jump

Emily Sluys (Lucas) – 2nd Triple Jump with 11.04m, 5th High Jump, 4th Long Jump

Destiny Vanderberg (STA) – 1st Triple Jump with 11.06m, 3rd 100mH with 14.66, 6th 400mH

Kiara Desender (Saunders) – 5th Pole Vault

Christy Rizzo (Saunders) – 2nd in Pole Vault with 3.15m, 5th 400mH

Vanessa Gunnell (SAB) – 3rd Pole Vault with 2.55m

Megan Dunn (Lord Dorchester) – 2nd 100mH with 15.68, 4th 400mH, 3rd Long Jump with 5.32m

Megan Beaudry (Lord Dorchester) – 2nd 400m 58.67, 1st 200m with 25.92

Katie Beaudry (Lord Dorchester) – 2nd High Jump with 1.56, 1st 400mH with 1:04.91

Olivia Walker (CCH) – 3rd High Jump with 1.53m, 6th Pole Vault

Ayasha Horner (Banting) – 6th High Jump, 4th Long Jump with 5.20m

Antonina Struminski-Bodden (MTS) – 5th 100m, 9th 400m, 3rd 200m with 26.16

Brittany Porter (South) – 6th Long Jump

Natasha Gubbels (SAB) – 3rd Shot Put with 10.53m, 4th Discus

Rachel Campbell (Banting) – 1st Discus with 34.93m, 2nd Shot Put with 10.96m

Hunter Smith (Central Elgin) – 6th Shot Put, 6th Discus

Jamie Eckert (CHSS) – 5th Triple Jump, 5th Long Jump, 7th High Jump

Nicole Tamming (St. Anne’s) – 9th 800m, 10th 1500m

Mackenzie Oke (SHDHS) – 5th Javelin

Martina Tait (St. Anne’s) – 3rd 800m with 2:16.87, 3rd 1500m with 4:53.09

Congratulations to all athletes that competed, and best of luck to all those moving on to this week’s OFSAA West Regional Championships. West Regionals will be taking place at TD Stadium here at Western University on May 26th and 27th. Full results from WOSSA can be found HERE

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