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TVRAA and Huron Perth - By The Numbers

28: Gold

30: Silver

25: Bronze

83: Total Medals

69: WOSSA Qualifiers

3: Huron Perth Championship Records

One of the more exciting races of the championship. LW athletes finished first through to 6th and 10th, for 7 of the Top 10 finishers in the 1500m!

Congratulations to all who competed this week and a special shout out to Mikayla Roy for setting 2 new Huron Perth records in Junior Girls Shot Put and Javelin, with throws of 12.21m and 33.45m, respectively, and to Marcel Scheele on his new Huron Perth record in the Senior Boys 3000m of 8:44.94

Best of luck to those of you moving on to WOSSA, which takes place May 24-25 at TD Stadium.

Taylor Holmes of Glencoe DHS, looks to be clear over the bar in MG High Jump

TVRAA Results



Adebola Idowu (St. Andre Bessette) - Gold 100m. 8th 200m

Victoria Lamb (STA) - 5th 1500m, Bronze 3000m

Ian Young (Oakridge) - Silver 1500m, Bronze 3000m

Alison Terrio (MTS) - 6th Shot Put


Ryan Abey (STA) - Bronze 100m, 4th 200m



Taylor Pranger (Strathroy DCI) - Gold 100m, Silver 200m

Kaitlyn Allen (Medway) - Bronze 100m, 4th 200m, 10th Long Jump

Rachel Okeke (CCH) - 5th 100m, Bronze 200m

Sarah Catania (STA) - Bronze 400m, 7th 800m, Bronze 300mH

Clarissa Sladek (Medway) - Silver 800m, Gold 1500m, Gold 3000m

Grace Burns (Strathroy DCI) - 6th 800m, 4th 1500m

Alicia Domingues (MTS) - Silver 1500m, Silver 3000m

Emma Hendriksen (Holy Cross) - Silver 80mH, Gold High Jump, Gold Long Jump

Monica Grigore (Oakridge) - Bronze 80mH, Gold Pole Vault, 7th Long Jump

Leah Kitching (Lucas) - 10th 80mH, 7th Triple Jump

Megan Langhorn (Oakridge) - Silver Pole Vault

Holly Knox (Lucas) - Silver Long Jump, Gold Triple Jump

Natalie Cordell (CCH) - 8th Triple Jump

Lily Spoozak (CCH) - Gold Shot Put, Bronze Discus, 4th Javelin

Amanda Veroude (Strathroy DCI) - 7th Shot Put


Chris Caruso (Oakridge) - Silver 100m, Silver Pole Vault, Bronze Long Jump

Jackson Lippert (CCH) - 4th 100m

Owen McDonald (Strathroy DCI) - Silver 400m, Bronze 300mH, Gold Pole Vault

Creedyn Bragg (Ingersoll) - 10th 400m, 7th 800m

Matthew Lynk (Beal) - Gold 800m, Silver 1500m

Aiden Cornwell (Banting) - 4th Triple Jump

Ryan Garrett (Holy Cross) - Silver Shot Put, Silver Discus

David Carson (CCH) - Silver Javelin



Sabrena Small (Laurier) - Gold 100m, Bronze 200m

Kaylyn Hall (Beal) - Bronze 100m, Gold 100mH, 4th 400mH

Cassidy Kent (Parkside) - 9th 100m, 7th 200m

Sydney Lam (CCH) - 9th 200m, Silver 400m, 7th 400mH

Sophie Gareau (Msg. Bruyere) - Bronze 400m, 5th 400mH

Breanna Roberts (Lucas) - 9th 400m

Alison Hansen (CCH) - Bronze 800m, 4th 1500m

Zoe Burke (South) - Silver 1500m, Silver 3000m

Emma Young (Oakridge) - Bronze 1500m, Bronze 3000m

Christy Rizzo (Saunders) - 6th 100mH, Gold Pole Vault

Miranda Cox (Lucas) - 8th 100mH, Bronze Long Jump, 4th Triple Jump

Olivia Walker (CCH) - 4th High Jump, Silver Pole Vault

Sarah Chevers (STA) - 4th Pole Vault

Colette Black (MTS) - 5th Pole Vault

Chloe Knox (Lucas) - Gold Long Jump, Gold Triple Jump

Natasha Gubbels (STA) - Bronze Shot Put

Laura Kelly (Laurier) - 5th Javelin

Megan Tramble (MTS) - 7th Javelin


Jonah Zimmer (CCH) - Gold 100m, Bronze 200m

Adrian Livingston (Msg. Bruyere) - Silver 100m, 7th 200m

Grant Luke (Central) - 8th 200m, Silver 400m

Jared Wiles (STA) - 5th 400m, 4th 400mH

Eric Gareau (Msg. Bruyere) - Gold 800m, Silver 1500m

Kyle Koyanagi (Laurier) - Silver 800m, Bronze 1500m

Will Stewart (Banting) - Bronze 800m, 4th 1500m

Tyrone Traher (South) - 4th 800m, 5th 1500m

Eric Hill (STA) - 5th 800m, 6th 1500m

Evan Burke (South) - Gold 1500m, Gold 3000m

Aaron Canfield (Huron Park) - 10th 1500m, Bronze 3000m

Tommy Hong (John Paul II) - 6th 110mH, 4th Pole Vault

Ethan Cruz (STA) - Bronze High Jump, Silver Long Jump

Josh Mather (Strathroy DCI) - Silver Shot Put, Silver Discus, Gold Javelin

Christian Panhuis (Banting) - 4th Shot Put, 4th Discus

Thomas Hertner (Dorchester) - 8th Shot Put, 8th Discus

Owen Mueller (STA) - 9th Shot Put, Gold Discus

Jared O'Riley (College Ave) - Silver Javelin

Caleb Canfield (Huron Park) - 9th 2000mSC

Huron Perth Results

Mikayla Roy (Northwestern) - Silver JG Discus, Gold JG Shot Put *New Huron Perth Record* 12.21m, Gold JG Javelin *New Huron Perth Record* 33.45m

Mason Campbell (CHSS) - Silver SB High Jump

Reink VanderPloeg (SACSS) - Gold SB Pole Vault, Bronze SB Javelin, Silver SB 110mH

Marcel Scheele (St. Mary's DCVI) - Gold SB 1500m, Gold SB 2000mSC, Gold SB 3000m *New Huron Perth Record* 8:44.94

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