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Last Stop Before OFSAA

With a last minute venue change, due to some issues with the track at Sandwich Secondary School, the meet was moved to the University of Windsor. Because of commencement going on, no announcements were allowed until about 5pm on the first day, but it didn't appear to have an effect on the meet. A quick downpour on Friday provided a very short break from the heat.

Josh Mather had a huge pb in discus to take 4th and move on to OFSAA

For an athlete, there's nothing better than performing at your absolute best when it matters most. A few of our athletes did that this past weekend at OFSAA West Regionals in Windsor. Josh Mather PB'd by 2m in discus to finish 4th and solidify his trip to OFSAA in the event. Chloe Knox PB'd in both Long Jump and Triple Jump and found herself on the podium in both events as a result. Emma Hendriksen is heading to OFSAA in 3 events, but it was triple jump that proved the biggest challenge. With no practice attempts, due to the 80mH final, and her tape mark blowing away after the 3rd jump, she snuck into the 4th spot to book her ticket.

Chloe Knox managed to pb's in LJ and TJ to take bronze in both events.

The competition gets noticeably more difficult at Regionals, so congratulations to those of you that stepped up and are continuing on to OFSAA, as well as to those of you that all performed at your best. If regionals was the end of the road for you, take that as motivation to continue working hard to be better for next year and best of luck with the upcoming outdoor club season.

By The Numbers...

Gold - 3

Silver - 8

Bronze - 14

OFSAA Qualifiers - 25 athletes in 35 events

Top 10 Finishes - 76

Owen Mueller had a big late throw to take silver in discus.

Here are the full results from our club athletes...



Ian Young (Oakridge) - 16th 1500m (4:39.71), 5th 3000m (9:28.13)

Ryan Abey (STA) - 15th 100m (12.17s), 13th 200m (25.09s)


Adebola Idowu (St. Andre Bessette) - 5th 100m (13.04s), 9th 200m (28.00)

Victoria Lamb (STA) - Bronze 3000m (10:39.93)

Alison Terrio (MTS) - 13th Shot Put (9.25m)

Emma Hendriksen was 3rd in junior girls 80mH



Owen McDonald (Strathroy) - 4th 400m (52.14), Silver Pole Vault (3.55m), 6th 300mH (41.63s)

Chris Caruso (Oakridge) - 7th 100m (11.68s), Bronze Pole Vault (3.55m)

Matthew Mason (Laurier) - 7th 1500m (4:16.99), Bronze 3000m (9:16.62)

Justin Sanders (STA) - 8th 1500m (4:17;39), 4th 3000m (9:17.07)

Matthew Lynk (Beal) - 9th 1500m (4:19.46), 11th 800m (2:07.33)

Ryan Garrett (Holy Cross) - 5th Discus (48.45m), 7th Shot Put (14.30m)

Creedyn Bragg (Ingersoll) - 13th 800m (2:11.76)

Aiden Cornwell (Banting) - 10th Triple Jump (12.00m)


Sarah Catania (STA) - 11th 400m (1:05.11), 12th 300mH (51.52s)

Emma Hendriksen (Holy Cross) - Bronze 80mH (12.48s), 4th Long Jump (5.05m), Silver High Jump (1.62m)

Monica Grigore (Oakridge) - 6th 80mH (12.69s), Silver Pole Vault (3.00m), 14th Long Jump (4.33m)

Clarissa Sladek (Medway) - 4th 1500m (4:48.18), Silver 3000m (10:23.67)

Alicia Domingues (MTS) - 8th 1500m (5:06.97), 6th 3000m (11:00.63)

Grace Burns (Strathroy - 12th 1500m (5:13.05), 9th 3000m (11:31.52)

Megan Langhorn (Oakridge) - Bronze Pole Vault (3.00m)

Taylor Pranger (Strathroy) - 11th 100m (13.56s), 12th 200m (28.42s)

Holly Knox (Lucas) - 13th Long Jump (4.62m), 13th Triple Jump (9.70m)

Rachel Okeke (CCH) - 15th 200m (29.60s)

Leah Kitching (Lucas) - 15th Triple Jump (NM)

Lily Spoozak (CCH) - 4th Discus (31.49m), 7th Shot Put (11.69m)

Makayla Roy (Stratford NW) - 5th Shot Put (12.29m)



Marcel Scheele (St Mary's DCVI) - Gold 2000mSC (6:02.66), Bronze 3000m (8:39.83)

Kyle Farquharson (Strathroy) - 8th 2000mSC (6:20.51)

Reink VanderPloeg (St. Anne-Clinton) - 8th 110mH (15.90), 9th Pole Vault (3.15m)

Adrian Livingston (Msg. Bruyere) - Silver 100m (11.20s), 6th 200m (22.84s)

Evan Burke (South) - Bronze 1500m (3:56.26), Silver 3000m (8:38.63)

Eric Gareau (Msg. Bruyere) - 4th 1500m (3:56.51), Bronze 800m (1:55.58)

Kyle Koyanagi (Laurier) - 6th 1500m (4:01.71), 16th 800m (2:07.40)

Tyrone Traher (South) - 8th 1500m (4:02.55), 7th 800m (1:56.70)

Grant Luke (Central) - 10th (51.18s)

Eric Hill (STA) - 9th 800m (1:58.96)

Will Stewart (Banting) - Silver 800m (1:55.46)

Eric Klassen (Banting) - 9th 3000m (8:57.20)

Tommy Hong (JPII) - 7th Pole Vault (3.15m)

Ethan Cruz (STA) - 8th High Jump (1.80m), 6th Long Jump (6.37m)

Josh Mather (Strathroy) - Gold Javelin (61.78m), 4th Discus (46.97m), 10th Shot Put (12.84m)

Jared O'Riley (College Ave) - 5th Javelin (53.79m)

Owen Mueller (STA) - Silver Discus (47.15m)

Christian Panhuis (Banting) - 16th Discus (NM), 14th Shot Put (11.90m)

Sabrena Small sprints her way to 4th in the 100m. She was also 3rd in the 200m


Sophie Gareau (Msg. Bruyere) - 9th 400m (1:00.20)

Sydney Lam (CCH) - 11th 400m (1:00.48), 7th 200m (26.86s)

Kaylyn Hall (Beal) - Bronze 100mH (14.06s), 8th 400mH (1:08.25)

Sabrena Small (Laurier) - 4th 100m (12.74s), Bronze 200m (26.11s)

Zoe Burke (South) - 5th 1500m (4:45.00), Bronze 3000m (10:15.75)

Alison Hansen (CCH) - 10th 1500m (4:55.09), 8th 800m (2:25.13)

Olivia Walker (CCH) - 9th High Jump (1.45m), Silver Pole Vault (3.15m)

Emma Young (Oakridge) - 6th 3000m (10:31.51)

Christy Rizzo (Saunders) - Gold Pole Vault (3.40m)

Miranda Cox (Lucas) - 7th Triple Jump (10.75m)

Chloe Knox (Lucas) - Bronze Triple Jump (11.52m), Bronze Long Jump (5.46m)

Sarah Chevers (STA) - 8th Pole Vault (2.90m)

Natasha Gubbels (St. Andre Bessette) - 4th Shot Put (10.95m)

Laura Kelly (Laurier) - Bronze Javelin (36.13m)

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