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AO Junior/Senior Championships

Torrential downpours were the theme of this championship. But, this is the outdoor season and the show must go on! Phil Parrot-Migas and Chris Balestrini kicked off the weekend going 1-2 in the Senior Men 5000m, followed closely by Kevin Blackney and Jack Sheffar, who finished 4th and 7th. Balestrini followed up on Saturday with a silver medal in the 3000mSC, to cap off his double-silver weekend. On the senior men's side, more medals came from Taylor Stewart (Bronze) in Pole Vault, Ruach Padhal (Gold) in 800m and Mark Bujnowski took silver in discus. Kevin Strybosch took home gold and silver in the para senior men's shot and discus, respectively.

On the junior men's side, World Junior team member, Marcel Scheele won gold in the 3000mSC in less than ideal conditions, with Kyle Farquharson chasing and taking bronze. Josh Mather was golden in javelin, followed by newcomer Jared O'Riley in the silver spot. Eric Gareau was bronze in the 800m and Athony Atkinson was bronze in hammer throw.

Jack Trott-Mcdermott was our lone medalist in the U14 category with a silver in the tetrathlon.

On the senior women's side, Caroline Ehrhardt continues her comeback from injury to take gold in triple jump, looking strong with a 13.32m. Also in the pit, Katie Flemington was gold in LJ, nearly breaking the 6m mark with a 5.98m. Brooke Hoxar was gold and silver in discus and shot put, respectively. Katty Abran took home the most medals and was triple bronze in the 100/200/400m wheelchair races.

Kaylyn Hall took bronze in the junior women's 100mH and was our lone medalist on the track for junior women. Katy Magoffin was bronze in pole vault and Natasha Gubbels took bronze in hammer throw.

Ella Caponcini was our lone medalist in the U14 category with a bronze in the tetrathlon.

Full results from our club members can be found below. Next up is the Junior/Senior National Championships in Ottawa from July 3-8th.

Open Men

  • Phil Parrot – Migas – Gold 5000m 14:21.34, 10th 1500m 3:55.41

  • Chris Balestrini – Silver 5000m 14:24.95, Silver 3000MSc 9:16.87

  • Kevin Blackney – 4th 5000m 14:31.99

  • Jack Sheffar – 7th 5000m 14:50.00

  • Locky Butcher – 4th 110H 15.49

  • Greg Spangenberg – 5th 110H 15.89

  • Matthew Chan – 32nd 100m 11.46, 27th 200m 22.90

  • Michael Johnstone – 47th 100m 15.11

  • Mitchell Heyink – 24th 1500m 4:05.00, 32nd 800m 2:00.41

  • Joseph Bell – 9th Long Jump 6.60m

  • Daniel O’Brien – 12th Long Jump 6.27m, 8th Triple Jump 13.17m

  • Scott Billings – 14th Long Jump 5.96m, 7th Triple Jump 13.54m

  • Taylor Stewart – Bronze Pole Vault 4.50m, 5th Javelin 51.72m, 4th Discus 45.93m

  • Hunter Andrin – 17th 800m 1:53.41

  • Ruach Padhal – 20th 1500m 4:11.65, Gold 800m 1:50.39

  • Mark Bujnowski – Silver Discus 49.30m, 4th Shot Put 16.44m

  • Kevin Strybosch – Gold Discus 43.81m, Silver Shot Put 10.34m

U20 Men

  • Marcel Scheele – Gold 3000MSc 9:21.60

  • Kyle Farquharson – Bronze 3000MSc 9:56.91

  • Josh Mather – 13th (8th in prelims) 100m 11.38, Gold Javelin 63.49m

  • Eric Gareau – 5th 1500m 3:55.67, Bronze 800m 1:53.44

  • Tyrone Traher – 9th 1500m 4:03.09, 11th 800m 1:55.89

  • Anthony Atkinson – Bronze Hammer Throw 42.19

  • Jared O’Riley – Silver Javelin 58.41m

  • Erick Tyler – 6th Javelin 51.35m

  • Mason Campbell – 5th High Jump 1.75m

  • Owen Mueller – 5th Discus 40.76m

  • Anthony Atkinson – 6th Discus 40.73m

  • Jamal Williams – 8th Triple Jump 12.54m

U14 Boys

  • Jack Trott-McDermott – Silver Tetrathlon 775pts

Open Women

  • Caroline Ehrhardt – 17th 100m 12.57, Gold Triple Jump 13.32m

  • Madison Wilson – Walker – 27th 100m 14.74, 12th Long Jump 4.01m, 29th 200m 30.32

  • Joy Spearchief – Morris – 5th 100H 14.19

  • Emma Tallman – 7th 1500m 4:34.77, 11th 800m 2:13.42

  • Katie Flemington – Gold Long Jump 5.98m

  • Sarah France – 9th Long Jump 5.17m

  • Sydney Smith – 19th 200m 25.88

  • Natalie Topp – 13th 800m 2:14.80

  • Brooke Hoxar – Moore – Silver Shot Put 13.00, Gold Discus 43.65m

  • Katty Abran – Bronze 100m wheelchair 19.98, Bronze 400m 1:10.35, Bronze 200m 43.63

U20 Women

  • Emily Sluys – 12th 100m 13.15, 7th Long Jump 5.32m

  • Cassidy Kent 20th 100m 13.59, 34th 200m 27.14

  • Kaylyn Hall – Bronze 100H 14.38

  • Christy Rizzo – 11th 100H 18.09, 4th Pole Vault 3.40m

  • Jaime Eckert – 13th Long Jump 3.66m, 8th Triple Jump 10.32m

  • Natasha Gubbels – 7th Shot Put 10.29m, 6th Discus 30.56m, Bronze Hammer 41.89m

  • Rachel Campbell – 10th Shot Put 9.41m, 4th Discus 37.22m

  • Monica Grigore – 10th Pole Vault 3.10m

  • Olivia Walker – 5th Pole Vault 3.25m

  • Katy Magoffin – Bronze Pole Vault 3.40m

U14 Girls

  • Ella Caponcini – Bronze Tetrathlon 1359pts

  • Sarah Sobko – 4th Tetrathlon 1355pts

U16 Girls

  • Amber Judge – 8th Pentathlon 1431pts

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