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Scorcher In Ottawa

To simply say it was hot in Ottawa doesn't do it justice. It was a scorcher! This past week London Western members were in the nations capital at the Canadian Jr/Sr National Track and Field Championships. The championships put Canada's top athletes on display and LW'ers did not disappoint.

We walked away with 13 medals across a range of events, again further highlighting how well-rounded our club truly is. Congrats to the following medalists...

Owen took home the national title in the U18 Decathlon!


Owen McDonald - U18 Decathlon - 5446pts

Caroline Ehrhardt - Senior Women's Triple Jump - 13.44m

Madison Wilson-Walker - Women's Ambulatory Long Jump - 3.67m

Katty Abran - Women's Wheelchair 100m - 19.54s


Mark Bujnowski - Senior Men's Discus - 54.17m

Kevin Strybosch - Men's Ambulatory Discus - 41.97m

Michael Johnstone - Men's Ambulatory Long Jump - 4.75m


Josh Mather - U20 Men's Decathlon - 6351pts

Erik Tyler - U20 Men's Javelin - 58.23m

Kayln Hall - U20 Women's 100mH - 13.97s

Brooke Hoxar-Moore - Senior Women's Shot Put - 13.89m

Katie Flemington - Senior Women's Long Jump - 5.78m

Katty Abran - Women's Wheelchair 200m - 35.12s

In winning the Senior Women's Triple Jump, Caroline Ehrhardt also qualifies for the NACAC Championships in August in Toronto. This will be her 3rd time representing Canada on a senior national team.

Caroline qualified for NACAC by winning the senior women's triple jump.

Below are a list of all of the additional performances from our athletes. Although these athletes missed the podium, there are plenty of personal bests and finalists, which is a truly impressive feat at a national championship. Congrats to all.

Brooke took home her first national medal in senior women's shot put!

U18 Men

  • Christopher Caruso – 5th Decathlon 5162pts

U20 Men

  • Austin McLoed – 4th Decathlon 6307pts

  • Tyrone Traher – 10th 800m 1:56.99 (Prelims)

  • Anthony Atkinson – 7th Discus 44.26m, 12th Hammer Throw 42.48m

  • Owen Mueller – 10th Discus 42.17m

  • Eric Gareau – 6th 800m 1:55.49

  • Kyle Farquharson – 11th 3000mSC 10:02.87

  • Jared ORiley - 5th Javelin 57.82m

  • Joshua Mather – 6th Javelin 55.61m

  • Mason Campbell – 12th High Jump 1.80m

U20 Women

  • Katy Beaudry – 4th Heptathlon 4683pts

  • Ayasha Horner – 12th Heptathlon 3620pts

  • Cassidy Kent – 21st 200m 27.95s, 19th 100m 13.31s

  • Jamie Eckert – 11th Long Jump 4.96m (Qualifying Rounds)

  • Natasha Gubbels – 8th Shot Put 10.29m, 8th Hammer Throw 42.26m

  • Hunter Smith – 13th Hammer Throw 31.68m

  • Rachel Campbell – 7th Hammer Throw 44.23

  • Olivia Walker - 10th Pole Vault 3.15m

  • Katy Magoffin – 7th Pole Vault 3.40m

  • Christy Rizzo – 6th Pole Vault 3.40m

  • Chloe Knox – 10th Triple Jump 11.06m

Senior Men

  • Hunter Andrin – 25th 800m 1:56.78 (Qualifying Rounds)

  • Chris Balestrini – 10th 5000m 14:53.08

  • Phil Parrot-Migas – 13th 5000m 15:00.48

  • Joseph Bell – 12th Long Jump 6.23m (Qualifying Rounds)

  • Scott Billings – 13th Triple Jump 13.55m

  • Mark Bujnowski – 5th Shot Put 16.47m

Senior Women

  • Natalie Topp – 17th 800m 2:16.42 (Qualifying Rounds)

  • Kate Current – 23rd 800m 2:15.88, 19th 1500m 4:32.32s

  • Lynton Lam – 4th Pole vault 3.50m (Qualifying Rounds)

  • Brooke Hoxar-Moore – 7th discus 46.53m

  • Joy Spearchief-Morris – 6th 100mh 13.91s

Para Women

  • Katty Abran – 5th 400m T54 1:12.86s, 6th 800m 2:38.52

  • Madison Wilson-Walker – 7th T43 200m 31.47s, 7th T43 100m 15.23s

Para Men

  • Kevin Strybosch – 5th Shot Put 10.93m

  • Micheal Johnstone – 7th 100m 14.82s

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