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Rainy Conditions Challenge BMY Championships

Congrats to those that competed through rainy conditions at our last AO Provincial Championships in Windsor this past weekend. This concludes the AO Championship Series. We have 2 Great Lakes League meets, Ontario Summer Games and Legion National Championships to finish off the outdoor season over the next few weeks.

Ella is all smiles after taking silver in U14 Girls High Jump

Here are our results from BMY's...


  • Alison Stephens U18 Girls Discus 39.45m


  • Jack Trott-Mcdermott U14 Boys 80mh 15.04s

  • Kyle Koyanagi U18 Boys 1500m 3:59.39

  • Ella Capocini U14 Girls high jump 1.40m

  • Jaden Wilson U16 Boys 200mh 26.88s


  • Owen Atcheson U14 Boys 80mh 17.98s

  • Jaden Wilson – 3rd 100mh 14.45s

  • Dylan Johnson U14 Boys 300m 46.84s

  • Emma Hendriksen U18 Girls High Jump 1.55m

  • Makayla Roy U18 Girls Javelin 38.96m

Dylan took bronze in the U14 Boys 300m!

Bantam Boys

  • Jack Trott – McDermott – 4th 300m 46.84s, 8th Long Jump 3.75m

  • William Taylor – 6th 300m 51.86s, 10th Long Jump 3.67m

  • Owen Atcheson – 7th 300m 54.16s, 13th Long Jump 3.37m

  • Bennett Hawrelak – 8th 80m 11.70s, 5th Long Jump 4.23m

  • Hunter Craig – 9th 80m 12.01s, 6th Long Jump 4.16m

  • Dylan Brookes – 10th 80m 12.50s, 12th Long Jump 3.46m

  • Dylan Johnson – 7th Long Jump 4.15m

  • Richard Latham – 11th 80m 12.58s, 9th Long Jump 3.70m

  • Daniel Ogilvie – 5th 200om 7:30.41

Bantam Girls

  • Erika Lealess – 13th 80m 11.84s, 5th High Jump 1.15m, 5th Long Jump 4.22m

  • Emma Wolfe – 10th 80m 11.48s, 7th Long Jump 4.16m

  • Ella Caponcini – 6th 80mh 16.29s, 10th Long Jump 3.68m

  • Maheen Inayat – 28th 1200m 5:34.87, 13th 300m 57.93s, 15th Long Jump 2.82m

  • Kaitlyn Koyanagi – 10th 1200m 4:01.10

Midget Boys

  • Connor Maclean – 6th 100mh 15.86s, 9th 200mh 29.97s

  • Xavier Muller – 31st 1200m 3:40.68s, 22nd 800m 2:17.97

  • Samuel Morrow – 4th Shot Put 13.66m, 7th Discus 29.72m, 4th Hammer Throw 30.50m

Midget Girls

  • Mackenzie Dejonge – 31st 300m 46.53s, 18th Long Jump 4.35m

  • Allison Terrio – 6th Shot put 9.04m

  • Jadyn Luna – 14th 80mh 13.44s, 14th Long Jump 4.56m, 8th 200mh 31.71s, 29th 200m 28.15s

  • Helene Bouffard – 16th 80mh 13.58s, 13th 200mh 32.30s

Youth Boys

  • Ryan Smith – 39th 100m 12.13s, 36th 200m 24.85s

  • Justin Sanders – 17th 1500m 4:17.46s, 15th 3000m 9:31.69

  • Eric Klassen – 8th 1500m 4:09.45s, 6th 3000m 8:57.29s

  • Owen McDonald – 15th 400m 52.64s

  • Christopher Caruso – 9th 400m 51.66s

  • 4x100m Relay – (Ryan Smith, Keegan Zavits, Owen McDonald, Christopher Caruso) 5th 45.46s

  • Keegan Zavits – 15th Long Jump 5.21m, 18th Discus 29.71m, 10th High Jump 1.65m, 16th Shot put 10.49m

  • Ryan Garrett – 14th Discus 36.02m, 5th Hammer Throw 41.55m, 10th Shot put 12.67m

  • Christian Panhuis – 11th Discus 37.32m, 9th Hammer Throw 26.48m, 5th Shot Put 11.00

  • Kyle Koyanagi – 4th 800m 1:56.83s

  • Evan Burke – 5th 800m 1:57.57s

Youth Girls

  • Miranda Cox – 24th 100m 13.69s, 6th Triple Jump 10.67m

  • Monica Grigore – 12th 100mh 15.65s, 6th Pole Vault 3.15m

  • Emma Hendriksen – 10th 100mh 15.63s, 7th Long Jump 4.91m

  • Clarissa Sladek – 9th 1500m 4:54.98s, 13th 800m 2:23.01

  • Leah Kitching – 24th Long Jump 3.97m, 12th Triple Jump 9.34m

  • Kristyn Kistulinec – 8th Discus 25.11m

  • Sabrena Small – 15th 200m 26.47s

  • Sarah Chevers – 9th Pole Vault 2.85m

  • Mikayla Roy – 8th Shot Put 11.50m

  • Kristyn Kistulinec – 10th Shot Put 11.11m, 6th Hammer Throw 37.91m

  • Amanda Veroude – 15th Shot Put 8.64m, 9th Hammer Throw 23.20m

  • Alison Stephens – 4th Hammer Throw 43.38m

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