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Historic Showing at AOXC

London Western had its best showing at AOXC in the club's history this past weekend. 3 team titles, 1 team bronze, 2 individual champions, 2 individual bronze and 12 top 10 finishes. That makes for one heck of a performance from our entire club. Overall, we finished 3rd.

Team Champions

Senior Men: Phil Parrot-Migas (3rd), Shawn Master (6th), Hunter Andrin (15th), Scott Harvey (37th)

Junior Men: Evan Burke (1st), Aaron Canfield (3rd), Josh Zelek (6th), Tyrone Traher (11th)

Junior Women: Tori Bouck (1st), Clarissa Sladek (4th), Victoria Lamb (6th), Alison Hansen (7th) + Emma Young (23rd) and Jenna Parkinson (24th) as non scorers

Team Medalists

Youth Boys (bronze): Kyle Koyanagi (6th), Eric Klassen (16th), Dion Killens (27th), Zach McPhee (30th) + Ian Young - 36, Eric Hill - 44, Justin Sanders - 85, Zach Haygarth - 97 and Isaac Duerden - 111 as non scorers)

Individual Podium Performances

Evan Burke - Jr. Men's Gold

Tori Bouck - Jr. Women's Gold

Phil Parrot-Migas - Sr. Men's Bronze

Aaron Canfield - Jr. Men's Bronze

Other individual top 10:

Senior Women - Amanda Truelove (5th) and Emma Tallman (10th)

Exceptional performances from everyone! Congrats to all, including coaches Dave Mills and Doug Devine. Next stop is Nationals in Kingston on Nov. 24th

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