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9 New Club Records This Outdoor Season!

Some of the crew at Legion Nationals in Sydney, NS

Our season came to a quick end a few weeks ago with the AO U14/U16/U18 Championships in Windsor and the Legion National Championships in Sydney, NS.

We had 1 athlete, Zach McPhee, make Team Ontario for Legion Nationals, coming from our strong endurance group and racing the 3000m and 2000mSC. He finished 4th and 6th, respectively. Daniella Beckett was our lone medal winner, taking home silver in the U16 girls pole vault with a vault of 2.90m. Owen McDonald broke the U18 Dec Pole Vault record, with a vault of 3.90m, ultimately finishing 5th overall.

The trip itself was a fun one for the athletes, parents and coaches that attended. Hotels were scarce in Sydney and our group that committed to going kept on growing, forcing us to seek alternate arrangements. Turns out Sylvia's friend had a cottage not too far away, so a handful of athletes stayed at the cottage and a team bbq was arranged 1 night for all to attend, with an intense game of spoons and sign making!

A week earlier, our U14/U16/U18 athletes were down in Windsor for AO's to close out the provincial championship series. We picked up 16 medals, with Ella Caponcini leading the way with 2 golds (80H and 200H) and 1 silver (HJ). I am happy to report London Western has officially won the outdoor team title! We are back-to-back overall champs, having won this past indoors, as well. Congratulations to our athletes and coaching staff for all of your efforts. Let's make it a 3-peat this coming indoor season! Details on how everyone performed in both meets can be seen below.

Intense game of Spoons!

Courtney, Megan and Daniella enjoying some east coast lobster



  • Ella Caponcini – U14 200mh 33.33s, U14 80mh 14.50s

  • Owen McDonald – U18 Pole Vault 3.72m

  • Jeremy Vandenboorn – U16 Discus 44.98m

  • Jadyn Luna – U16 Long Jump 4.77m

  • Daniela Beckett – U16 Pole Vault 3.02m

  • Zachary McPhee – U18 3000m 8:54.08s


  • Makayla Roy – U18 Javelin Throw 40.43m

  • Ella Caponcini – U14 High Jump 1.35m

  • Dylan Johnson – U14 300m 43.33s


  • Connor MacLean – U16 200mh 27.39s

  • Kaitlyn Koyanagi – U14 800m 2:23.62s, 1200m 3:48.92m

  • Ryan Garrett – U18 Hammer Throw 49.99m

  • Lili Spoozak – U18 Shot Put 12.65m

  • Megan Langhorn – U18 Pole Vault 3.22m

U14 Girls

  • Ainsley Vasarhelyi – 12th 800m 2:48.80s, 9th 300m 48.70s

  • Erika Lealess – 4th 150m 20.36s, 4th Long Jump 4.18m

  • Lila Corby – 8th 150m 20.83s, 5th 80m 11.38s, 4th High Jump 1.30m

  • Ella Caponcini – 5th Long Jump 4.05m

U14 Boys

  • Richard Latham – 8th 1200m 4:13.29s

  • Andrew Beckett – 12th 1200m 4:34.06s, 11th Long Jump 3.39m

  • Dylan Johnson – 6th Long Jump 4.47m

  • Richard Latham – 8th Long Jump 3.98m

U16 Girls

  • Jadyn Luna – 10th 200mh 30.74s, 12th 80mh 13.17s, 6th Javelin Throw

  • Amber Judge – 9th Triple Jump 9.99m, 4th Pole Vault 2.67m

  • Lila Corby – 12th Triple Jump 8.88m

  • Raeden Black – 26th 100m 13.79s

  • Daniela Backett – 13th 80mh 13.51s

U16 Boys

  • Liam Larson – 9th Discus 35.65m, 7th Hammer Throw 31.33m, 10th Javelin 32.12m, 4th Shot Put 12.63m

  • Connor MacLean – 7th 100mh 14.80s

U18 Boys

  • Samuel Morrow – 9th Hammer Throw 32.38m, 8th Shot put 13.46m, 12th Discus 32.51m

  • Owen McDonald – 5th Javelin 38.00m, 13th 110H 16.17s, 14th Long Jump 5.70m

  • Keagan Zavits – 12th High Jump 1.60m, 11th Long Jump 5.79m, 14th Discus 32.06m

  • Justin Sanders – 31st 1500m 4:22.97s, 6th 3000m 8:59.69s

  • Ryan Garrett – 7th Shot put 13.59m, 8th Discus 41.23m

U18 Girls

  • Brooke Lawlor – 22nd 800m 2:32.05s, 25th 1500m 5:28.84s, 11th High Jump 1.40m

  • Clarissa Sladek – 8th 1500m 4:51.03s, 5th 3000m 10:34.13s

  • Lily Spoozak – 7th Discus 32.99m

  • Liv Sands – 9th Discus 30.82m, 5th Shot put 12.14m, 11th Hammer Throw 35.20m

  • Amy Schmit – 12th Discus 28.15m, 16th Hammer Throw 22.55m

  • Tyler Larson – 14th Discus 26.26m, 18th Shot put 8.79m, 8th Hammer Throw 40.90m

  • Allison Terrio – 16th Discus 21.11m, 15th Hammer Throw 30.19m

  • Kristyn Kistulinec – 4th Shot put 12.28m, 7th Hammer Throw 41.37m

  • Makayla Roy – 7th Shot put 12.08m

  • Allison Terrio – 15th Shot put 9.75m

  • Helen Bouffard – 6th Pole Vault 2.92m


U16 Girls

  • Daniela Beckett – 2nd Pole Vault 2.90m, 13th 80mh 13.74s

  • Amber Judge – 20th Long Jump 4.54m, 4th Pole Vault 2.70m

U16 Boys

  • Jeremy Vandenborn – 4th Discus 47.17m, 6th Shot Put 14.76m, 5th Hammer Throw 49.54m

  • Connor Maclean – 5th 100mh 14.84s, 7th 200mh 26.92s

U18 Boys

  • Ryan Garrett – 4th Discus 43.97m, 8th Shot Put 13.45m

  • Samuel Morrow – 9th Discus 36.87m, 11th Hammer Throw 37.54m

  • Zachary McPhee – 4th 3000m 8:57.08, 6th 2000SC 6:14.70

  • Owen McDonald – 5th Decathlon 5886pts

U18 Girls

  • Megan Langhorn – 6th Pole Vault 3.10m

  • Lily Spoozak – 8th Discus 35.84m, 17th Shot Put 12.05m

  • Liv Sands – 15th Discus 33.20m, 11th Shot Put 12.60m, 12th Hammer Throw 39.21m

  • Makayla Roy – 6th Discus 39.58m

  • Kristyn Kistulinec – 10th Shot Put 12.65m

  • Makayla Roy – 16th Shot Put 12.07m

  • Emma Hendriksen – 9th Heptathlon 3738pts

It's been another great season for our small, but mighty club. We had 7 new club records set and most coming from the senior categories. Our club records are not easy to break, so it truly has been a fantastic year. Congrats again to all of our athletes and coaching staff.

Jack Sheffar - Senior Men's 1500m 3:47.24

Phil Parrot-Migas - Senior Men's 3000 8:12.55

Chris Balestrini - Senior Men's Marathon 2:22.10

Taylor Ehrhartd - Senior Men's Pole Vault 5.00m

Owen McDonald - U18 Boys Decathlon 5886pts

Erik Tyler - U20 Men's Javelin 68.09m

Joy Spear Chief-Morris - Senior Women's 100m 11.72s

Joy Spear Chief-Morris - Senior Women's 100mH 13.23s

Caroline Ehrhardt - Senior Women's Triple Jump 13.76m

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