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LWTFC hosts West Region AO Cross Country Championships

On Sat. Nov. 14, the LWTFC played host for the West Region AO Cross Country Championships, at Fanshawe Golf Course. During this time of Covid and its restrictions, competitive opportunities have been limited at best, and with a full provincial championship not a possibility, AO looked at dividing the province into regions so that smaller events could take place.

Our club was asked to host the West Region races and we accepted. With less than two weeks notice, a quality event was organized, following all safety protocols and procedures, and with full approval from the Middlesex-London Health Unit. Manager Scott MacDonald worked tirelessly to coordinate all that needed to be done. But he couldn’t have done it without the help of many other club coaches and Board members.

Using part of what would have been the 2020 OFSAA course, Dave Mills laid out the 2km loop, with help from Doug Devine and Ron Becht. Amanda Truelove and Sarah Welch checked athletes in for their waved starts—33 different start times over a 6 hour time period! John Stevenson fired the gun, sending the competition hungry athletes on their way, with help from fellow starter Joe Chappell from the Saugeen TC. And Kathy and Paul Roberts took care of the registration table, answering questions and troubleshooting. Thanks to our club sponsor, New Balance London, for covering part of the cost of the race bibs.

LWTFC had 24 athletes competing, turning in some impressive results: our U18 Girls team of Jalen Marcil, Victoria Lamb, Elysse Fleming, Laine Barnfield, and Tegan Parry winning gold; our U18 Boys team of Heath McAllister, Ian Young, Aiden Coles, Max Morton, and Tristan Coles, with the silver; and our U16 Boys team of Ian McAllister, Quinten Marsh-Lenard, Justin Lamb, Seth Sommerfreund, and Alec Bruin getting the bronze. Full results can be found at;perpage:100 , with thanks to Speed River Timing.

Photo credits to Howard Adams of Life2Photography.


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