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More Accolades for London Western Members!

Two more London Western TFC members have received recognition for their accomplishments by being inducted into the 2020 Western Mustangs Sports Hall of Fame. Dave Mills, was selected under the Builder/Athlete category and Jen Cotten, as an Individual Athlete.

Dave has been a long-time coach with the LWTFC and can be credited with the successful guidance of many of our athletes. If you were at a meet that was running smoothly and efficiently, then chances are that Dave was the Meet Director. As well, Dave was an outstanding Western athlete, competing in cross country and track & field, and was an international competitor representing Canada.

Jen Cotten was a talented and formidable combined events athlete with so many titles claimed, you just have to listen to the video clip that the link will take you to. She was also a member of LWTFC and was also selected as an inductee to our “50 for 50” Hall of Fame.

Western recently announced the 2020 inductees but will formally present these worthy recipients with their honours at the 2021 annual Homecoming event.

Congratulations, Dave and Jen…proud of you of both!


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